CAVR took part in a competition this summer where we were challenged to create a compelling image utilising their new Samsung TV Ambient mode.

Inspired by the theory of Tabula Rasa – a blank slate, we envision the Ambient Mode as a Canvas responding to the daily lives of inhabitants, in form of colourful brush strokes. Commencing as a blank canvas, the Samsung QLED TV comes to life as it gathers information through ‘sensory’ experiences. The changes in the environment it occupies such as the lighting, time of day and spatial movement, all influence the brush strokes formed on the Canvas resulting in dancing paintings.

We are creative individuals who thrive in motivational spaces. How can we therefore push the boundaries of inspiration though our TV, which is always present in the main room hosting dialogues, meetings, dinners and parties? In our scenario a young artist couple reside in a loft flat which reflects their live-work lifestyle. Canvas Ambient Mode is designed to be a part of their personal and professional lives, balancing the two through the ephemeral nature of the paintings created on the TV screen.

We are creative individuals who are inspired by Canvas, an Ambient Mode with senses.

Project Image
Project Image
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